Energy - Awakening Blend

Energy - Awakening Blend

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  • Use this sweet blend to boost feelings of alertness, energy and focus with the natural power of essential oils.
  • Add a few drops to a diffuser and mist to create an atmosphere of calm energy and focused attention.
  • Use a dilution on the skin in the morning to overcome feelings of apathy and fatigue.
  • An all-natural combination of 100% pure therapeutic-quality essential oils.
  • Full-strength oils are designed for use in an aromatherapy diffuser. Dilute with a neutral carrier oil before using on the skin.

    Discover a source of easy energy for the body and mind with this bracing blend of bright citrus and pure mint, carefully crafted to lend feelings of attention, optimism and internal motivation when feelings of energy are running low. Sourced from premium botanicals, this stimulating blend has the perfect balance of natural constituents to address flagging energy in mature bodies so that you can enjoy every moment of your day without fatigue or distraction dragging you down.

    Ideal for when you need a natural boost without sugar or caffeine, this sweet combination of bright lime, grounding cedarwood, calming lavender, focusing copaiba and deeply motivating Balsam of Peru essential oils produce the natural energy and motivation you need without any side effects or impending slumps. Get a natural lift and a refreshed perspective with this sweet and citrusy scent.

    How to Use:
    Test before general use – pour several drops on a tissue and breathe in the scent. Observe for signs of irritation or discomfort. When ready to use, add 3-6 drops of the blend to the reservoir of an ultrasonic diffuser filled with room-temperature water. Mist as needed. Alternately, simply open the bottle and breathe the scent for direct aromatherapy benefits – or pour a few drops on a clean tissue and breathe the scent for more mild exposure. Dilute with a neutral carrier oil before use on the skin. Do not use internally. Consult with a doctor before using any essential oil as some may interact with certain medications.

    Ingredients: lime, cedarwood, lavender, copaiba, balsam of peru essential oils