Focus - Concentration Blend

Focus - Concentration Blend

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  • Use this blend to focus thoughts and improve concentration with natural power from pure essential oils.
  • Diffuse to boost memory, improve mental clarity and to clear your mind of distracting thoughts.
  • Apply to the skin and breathe the aromatherapy scent to promote alertness, attention and to relieve mental fatigue.
  • An all-natural combination of 100% pure therapeutic-quality essential oils.
  • Full-strength oils are designed for use in an aromatherapy diffuser. Dilute with a neutral carrier oil before using on the skin.

Use the power of essential oils to avoid distracting thoughts and emotions and to improve feelings of mental discipline and social attention.

Help your thoughts stay on task and stay in control of your attention with the power of this remarkable natural blend. The pure mix includes the centering and earthy scent of fir, cheerful mandarin and an energetic twist of pure lime on a foundation of emotionally grounding Cedarwood. Use it to help your mind stay alert and to be able to focus on your priorities with the natural benefits of essential oil aromatherapy.

Promote feelings of mental clarity with a bracing and mentally supportive scent. Use it in a diffuser and breathe the natural constituents to help to minimize distracting thoughts and relieve mental fatigue when there is a lot to absorb and communicate in a social setting. Rely on this directing scent to boost memory and retention. Succeed at difficult mental tasks that seem especially complex or overwhelming and use when your mind is overtaxed or fatigued. Help yourself be at your best with this effective natural tool.

How to Use:  Test before general use – pour several drops on a tissue and breathe in the scent. Observe for signs of irritation or discomfort. When ready to use, add 10-15 drops of the blend to the reservoir of an ultrasonic diffuser filled with room-temperature water. Mist as needed. Alternately, simply open the bottle and breathe the scent for direct aromatherapy benefits – or pour a few drops on a clean tissue and breathe the scent for more mild exposure. Dilute with a neutral carrier oil before use on the skin. Do not use internally. Consult with a doctor before using any essential oil as some may interact with certain medications.

Ingredients: fir, lime, mandarin, cedarwood essential oils in a blend of fractionated coconut oil